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Компания «Allison Transmission» - это мировой лидер по производству АКПП для автобусов, тягачей, специальной техники и нефтяного оборудования. Более чем 90-летний опыт в проектировании и производстве автоматических трансмиссий позволил добиться высочайшего качества, надежности и позволяет работать технике в любых дорожных и климатических условиях.

«НДГС» - как дистрибьютор «Allison», ставит перед собой целью как установку автоматических коробок передач на российское оборудование, так и обеспечение квалифицированного сервиса в течение всего периода эксплуатации АКПП.  

Oil types and change intervals

Transynd Allison transmission recommended oil for On Highway series

img You invested in Allison Automatics because you wanted your vehicles to be more productive and profitable. When it comes to their care and maintenance, you need to know Allison has you covered with a full package of quality products and services. From filters designed and tested to provide the best combination of filtration and duration to TranSynd™ heavy-duty synthetic transmission fluid that dramatically extends drain intervals. From a comprehensive Transmission Fluid Analysis Program utilizing algorithms developed by Allison engineers that helps get the maximum potential from your fluid to our nationwide network of authorized Allison distributor in Russia NDGS company. So, you see, Allison not only helps protect your investment, we help improve on its return.

Transynd RD Allison transmission recommended oil for OFF Highway series

Extended drain intervals with superior lubricating protection for greater productivity and lower operating costs.
img TranSynd™ RD synthetic transmission fluid is specifically designed to make Allison-equipped off-highway equipment even more efficient, productive and profitable – no matter how harsh the operating conditions.

Conventional oils just can’t hold up under today’s rigorous duty, off-highway applications. They have performance additives blended in – friction modifiers, anti-wear agents, antioxidants, dispersants, detergents, rust/corrosion inhibitors, seal swellers, anti-foamants and more. But, because the base fluid is petroleum, conventional oils do not provide the thermal resistance of TranSynd RD. With extended use, petroleum based fluids react to oxidation much faster, the oil thickens and becomes more acidic. Mechanical stress leads to sheardown, resulting in permanent viscosity loss. Thinner oil means less lubrication. Sludge and varnish deposits impact clutch durability, causing increased gear and bearing wear. TranSynd RD, on the other hand, is formulated from pure synthetic lubricants with inherent thermal and viscosity advantages. Performance additives are then tailored to the unique molecular structure and excellent antioxidant properties, resulting in a lubricant that is far more chemically and physically stable than other oils and virtually impervious to sheardown.

HANDLES EXTREME CONDITIONS Unlike conventional oils, TranSynd RD is a true all-weather product. From scorching desert heat to sub-zero artic conditions, TranSynd RD withstands the harshest elements.

EXTENDS DRAIN INTERVALS Using TranSynd RD lowers the costs for maintenance and equipment downtime. You also benefit from reduced wear, better performance and longer service life. Bottom line: the superior lubricating protection of TranSynd RD results in even greater productivity and lower operating expenses. To order, contact NDGS Allison Transmission service in Russia or NDGS Allison Service dealers and ask for TranSynd RD.